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FundMap is an interactive map that organizes and displays all sources of funding for your organization. FundMap incorporates more than 10,000 pin points, each representing one of approximately 4,200 government funding programs and 500 sources of private financing, in English or in French. All data is updated and verified daily—24/7/365.

The Funding Portal search tool enables organizations to enter key data—including region, type of organization and purpose of funds—to narrow their search and display up to 25 funds on the Map. Interactive elements of FundMap include narrowing or enlarging the map, or expanding or narrowing your search criteria, to quickly display new sources of funding on the Map. 

FundMap quickly displays the wealth of funding available to Canadian companies to support their R&D and growth objectives, in every region of the country, provisioned by federal, provincial and municipal programs, as well as VC, angel, private equity and bank financing.

Sample of FundMap displaying sources of funding for your organization  

This is a sample only and is not interactive. To display sources of funding for your organization on FundMapenter your Search criteria using The Funding Portal Search tool.